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Welcome Mat #5 COMING SOON


This rug is in the works now and will be finished this Tuesday, September 24th. Think you’re a fan already? Go ahead and purchase now. This one-of-a-kind welcome mat saves 2 pounds of textile waste from landfills. This blue color mixture includes scraps of our light and dark denim, and lots of mixed cotton scraps. Because of the availability and assortment of fabric scraps, all of the rugs in the Winsome Zero collection are unique and their particular color palette will change respective to the colors in the collection being made. Each season will create a new combination of colors for our Zero rugs.

All prices include cost of shipping.

Rug measures approximately 3ft x 2ft

Need to check it out at your own place before you commit? Order a swatch here.

Care Instructions: If you see long threads, that is totally normal. Clip them, don’t pull them. These rugs are made of mixed fabric and are hand-washable. For area rugs that may not fit in your average washer/drier or bathtub, you can send them to be dry cleaned. We recommend spot treating, though. We suggest using a rug grip of your choice underneath to prevent slipping and sliding.

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Welcome Mat 5 Full Presale.jpg