Meet the Winsome Goods Team: Part II


Allison - Seamstress

Spirit Animal: For sure an otter. Because I went to art school and was told at several different weird parties that my spirt animal is an otter. I think it’s because they are resilient and adorable and like to hold hands. And are good swimmers. 

When You’re Not Working: I like to sew more. Which is crazy. I hang out with my dog and my boy. But yeah, wow, I’m always sewing. If I’m not sewing then I’m knitting and if I’m not knitting, I’m hand quilting and if not that, I’m weaving, crocheting or napping.

Hidden Talent: I played piccolo in marching band. When we were warming up I would play The Hustle on it to confuse people, because it was so high pitched that no one knew where the noise was coming from. 

Busting a Sustainability Myth: Recycling isn’t always what you think it is. A lot of the items you think you’re recycling are actually not recyclable or aren’t cleaned properly so they don’t clear the sorting process. Pizza boxes can’t be recycled! And even those snap containers for six packs aren’t either, so they end up getting thrown away. Recycling is good but reusing is even better! Try to reuse as much as possible. 

A Change You’d Like to See in the World: I want people to take the environment seriously, and take a lot of other things a little less seriously for little while. 

If You Had to Wear One Outfit for Forever: My favorite long, blush pink dress and my jean jacket. Oh, with my checkered Vans. 


Marcia - Production Manager and Seamstress

When You’re Not Working: I have three kids, so I’m often doing something with them. I love to garden - I have a big vegetable garden that I like to tend to and I like landscaping, too. I do small landscaping projects in my city yard.

Currently Reading: Go Went Gone by Jenny Urpenbeck — my husband and I signed up for a book subscription service from Milkweed. There are a couple different subscriptions they have, so about every other month they send you a book in the mail and you can choose if you want to get a book from a small publishing house or from an editor’s pick. We have the editor’s pick subscription and it’s so nice!

Favorite Book: Beloved by Toni Morrison. It’s a really incredible book and the one that sits with me and I tell other people to read. 

Hidden Talent: I used to play the trombone. I had to quit, though, because something happened between my nose and mouth where I couldn’t funnel the air through my mouth anymore, it would just come out my nose! I could play for like 15 minutes and then I was done. I felt so embarrassed that I didn’t tell my band teacher, and I think she thought I quit because I didn’t like her anymore.

Sustainability Tip: Little decisions and actions are alright and a good place to start, but it’s important to understand the severity of the situation. And understand that a lot of our environmental issues come from big companies. 

On Spending the Summer in Guatemala: I really loved being in a place long enough to understand it outside of just traveler’s eyes. It was really great to feel like we weren’t just flitting in and around, but to grasp something about the place.

If You Had to Wear One Outfit for Forever: It would have to be something comfortable - probably a mumu with pockets. Or, elastic-waist pants with pockets and a really soft top. Then my size could change and it would be fine. It’s really all about comfort and having pockets. I would wear Blundstone Boots or go barefoot when it’s hot, if that’s allowed!


Dana - Vintage Collective

On Starting Kollektiv: My friends Mady, Alissa and I all had a similar eye for style, loved thrifting and had pretty good luck at it. We decided to join forces and start a business inspired by our Swedish and Norwegian backgrounds (mine was my Grandma June).

Favorite Vintage Item: My vintage Wrangler denim jacket. I found it almost 10 years ago at an antique shop in Stillwater, MN. It's faded about 5 shades and I love it dearly.

Spirit Animal: Orca whale. They’re called the “wolves of the sea." I just think they're so majestic and I've been obsessed with them since I can remember. I’m also a huge Free Willy fan, obviously.

When You’re Not Working: You can find me drinking wine, eating pasta (Bar La Grassa is my favorite), hanging out at home with my two crazy rescue pups and girlfriend Bre and seeing live music. Also thrifting- I don't really consider it work, I just really enjoy it.

If You Had to Wear One Outfit for Forever: Honestly, either the Winsome Carmen or Covil dress. I travel quite a bit and bring them both everywhere I go. And my favorite ripped Rustler jeans underneath with an oversized super soft sweater, assuming I stay living in MN.


Marianne - Seamstress

Hidden Talent: Other than visualizing potential in a home [Marianne is a realtor], I'm a pretty good artist. Mostly painting and drawing. I could whip out your portrait fairly quick, it's a party trick I do for my nieces and nephews.

Favorite Way to Express Yourself: Dancing and singing.

Desert Island Item: My dog, if that’s not cheating. She is always watching me and finding ways to partner up with me. She's amazingly good help and brings me all sorts of useful things that she finds. Like turkey eggs.

When You’re Not Working: I’m outside. Walking, hiking, swimming, gardening, or up in a tree.

If You Had to Wear One Outfit for Forever: I'd go full on Mime. Paint my face when I want to be silent, or if I ever get low on pocket money. The rest of the time I'd look French or like I just got off a sail boat.