Meet the Winsome Goods Team: Part I

From sustainability practices to spirit animals, karaoke songs to hidden talents, our team has a lot to share. In part one of this two-part blog, you’ll meet Kathryn, Bris, Sullivan and Bobbi - just half of the people behind the designs, events, social media and production of Winsome and Hazel + Rose.


Kathryn - Founder and Designer

Hidden Talent: I legitimately know how to play the violin, but I was a drummer in an all girls punk rock band in high school.

Go-To Karaoke Song: Nothing Compares 2U by Sinéad O’Connor + Prince

Biggest Challenge + Biggest Reward of Owning Your Own Business? The biggest challenge by far is being responsible for and managing all of the many aspects of the business and being able to prioritize. There are many priorities at different times and sometimes these overlap. Its often challenging to decide what very important things are going be accomplished in any given day/week/year, and what need to be back-burnered. The biggest reward is creating a happy and healthy work environment. I always knew this was important to me, but I think in the last year or so this has been the biggest reward as well. We have a really wonderful team of people who have all contributed to making a very unique and positive space.

Are Aliens Real? I’ll give you another answer to that question. My favorite podcast this year has been The End Of The World with Josh Clark and he has some fascinating arguments regarding whether or not humans are the only life form out there.

Spirit Animal: I feel like I want to be something like a bison; admire me from afar but don’t touch me. I’m not extroverted but I do like a little attention.

Any Sustainability Myths (especially fashion related) You Can Bust? The myth that any purchase is or can be entirely sustainable. Everything has an impact. Organic cotton for example. It sounds fantastic, it doesn’t use any harmful pesticides that are problematic for the environment or the farmers. But it uses a f*ck ton of water, and depending on how you dice it, has a greater impact on our entire ecosystem than generic cotton.

If You Could Only Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life: Since we live in Minnesota, I’m going to think about this like what I would wear if I’m flying on Sun Country [because you can’t bring a free carry on]. I would choose The Carmen, for sure. I would choose The Covill, too, but The Carmen is more season-less. I would wear a turtleneck underneath, that I could take off for summer, and traditional 501 Levi’s with ankle boots. Maybe I would start with everything in white so I could dye the pieces as time went along and as they got dirtier.


Bris - Co-Designer and Seamstress

Hidden Talent: Sometimes I just eat an entire watermelon.

Outside of Winsome: I design for my own label, Yessenya. My label’s focus is to help people build relationships with the clothing they wear through its aesthetic value and construction. Everything is designed so that it can be worn in the long-term.

Describe Yessenya’s Style in 3 Words: Curious. Thoughtful. Free.

Favorite Reality TV Show: 90 Day Fiancé.

Thoughts On Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable fashion starts with what you already have. I think it’s important that you value the garments you own, whether or not they are from a sustainable brand, and appreciate what they do in your life. They serve a purpose, and we have to respect that every garment took a lot of resources to create. You can work towards sustainability one piece at a time, it doesn’t have to happen overnight.

If You Could Only Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life: It would be some sort of jumpsuit that can transform into other things. In yellow, specifically sunflower yellow because it makes me happy. The sleeves can change from short sleeve to long sleeve, and it would have an easy go-to-the-bathroom function, like a butt-flap.


Sully - Associate Brand Manager

Do You Believe in White After Labor Day? Yes. Fully. I love to wear all white outfits, I feel very cool when I do. Like a conceptual artist meditating in her studio.

How Have You Incorporated Sustainable Fashion Into Your Life? I really like to focus on the end of a garment’s life. I would echo what Bris said about respecting the wardrobe you have and building a more sustainable one slowly, that’s a great place to start. But what about the clothes we aren’t wearing anymore? Where are they going? For example, if I’ve worn through a white tee-shirt and it’s yellowed or nubby, that’s not something I would bag up and drop at a donation center because it’s going to get thrown away. So lately, I’ve been cutting up old tees and turning them into rags or dish towels. For clothes that are still in good condition or could be repaired, I take those opportunities to re-sell, donate or repurpose them. But all of this takes a level of awareness and thoughtfulness that takes work to practice - you have to sit down and make time to assess what you own and where it’s going to go. I know my heart was in the right place bagging old clothes up and donating, but I never thought about what happened to them after I dropped them off. My tip to anyone reading this is to make that time to be thoughtful about where your old clothes are going. Sort through them yourself and you’ll find that much less gets thrown away.

Spirit Animal: …Is obviously a dolphin and I’m very vocal about it.

One Thing You’d Bring With You to a Desert Island: How long am I on the island? (One year). Okay, then I would bring a dance instructor so I could have a year long dance intensive. It would be a real growth year for me.

If You Could Only Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life: It would definitely be a cowgirl get-up, because then everything would be super worn in and utilitarian. I would wear very comfortable medium-wash jeans that fit like a body glove with brown cowgirl boots, a white button down, and then have a matching fringe leather jacket + chaps set that I could take on and off depending on the weather.

ScallopDress (1 of 7).jpg

Bobbi - Owner of Hazel + Rose

Do You Believe in White After Labor Day: Yes. I believe in anything at anytime.

If You Had to Change Your Career But Were Guaranteed Success: I would do something in psychology because I find it so incredibly interesting.

Micro Bangs or Bangs in Your Eyes For Your Whole Life? Micro bangs. I’ve done it before and I’m not scared.

What Do You Do Outside Hazel + Rose? Think about Hazel + Rose. Ha. I go to shows, we eat a lot, go to my parents cabin, snuggle with my two cats Bo and Lala. They were farm rescue cats.

If You Could Only Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life: It would be an all knit outfit comprised of pants, a knit tank and a big, giant knit cardigan - all in beige-y, tan color. And I would wear a Martiniano glove shoe.