Sandwashed Silk

Silk: What's not to like? I'd love to be dressed in silk at all times. It's comfortable and breathable. It can be worn casually or dressed up. Only problem is the dry cleaning. 

Well here's a solution: sandwashed silk. This is the process of washing a fabric with silicone balls, or treating with a Soda Ash fixer in order to remove any residual stiffness and to reconstitute the hand-feel. This means that the fabric becomes extra soft and less susceptible to shrinkage. It also tends to lessen the sheen of the silk; a subtle difference that I love about sandwashing. And, since it has undergone this process, a sandwashed silk garment can be washed and dried normally with all of your regular clothes, so no need for extra special care. 

Because it has undergone sandwashing, the silk has a beautiful sueded look to it that makes it even more wearable in all occasions. It has a richness about it, so it's easy to dress up, but it's also much less flashy and, therefore, totally wearable for daily tasks.

For these reasons, sandwashed silk is one of my favorite fabrics, which is why I've chosen to feature it in the Winsome Fall collection. 

You can find sandwashed silk in our upcoming style, the Carmen Tunic Dress and the Sloane Top.

The Carmen features long sleeves, a deep V neck, and high side slits with a rounded hemline. It's super soft, lightweight, and best of all, easy to care for. Wear it tied up in the front with denim or left down and flowy on it's own with some fancy kicks for an evening event. 

The Sloane is your staple blouse with a relaxed fit, button front hidden placket, and large pockets. This top is elegantly simple. Similar to the Carmen, this top can be worn tied up in front with a pair of high waisted denim and for an extra Rosie the riveter appeal, roll the sleeves to muscle-t length. Since it is versatile, you can get away with wearing this top for days back-to-back with no one the wiser. 

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