Fall 2016 Collection

Fall is finally upon us, so it's time to welcome Winsome's newest collection! This season, we're looking forward to wearing long coats and fuzzy knits, and of course lots of black basics to pair with all sorts of Fall favorites. The collection is essentially a juxtaposing combination of effortlessly chic styles made from comfy textiles and simple silhouettes. Here's the breakdown: 


This elegant open knit sweater coat is made from 100% heather gray wool. Personally, it's a Fall favorite; it's presented as a classy overcoat that goes with pretty much everything, but feels like you're actually wrapped in that cozy blanket you can't seem to separate from on chilly Autumn days. The Aimee features hidden inset pockets to keep your hands warm and carry any other essential items. We also love its extended lapel and mid-calf length. Wear it over any outfit, but it's especially great over dresses and skirts to give your legs a little extra warmth as the weather cools off.


The Lawrence is another outerwear piece from the Fall collection. It features a black linen interior with a wool/nylon blend twill shell in an Autumn ocre color. The color is actually my favorite part about this piece. It's perfect for the Fall and actually pairs really well with all sorts of blues, grays, and black. Similar to the Aimee, this coat has an extended lapel, but it's about mid-thigh length instead, and has three large snaps for closure. We especially love the large patch pockets and wearing it with the sleeves rolled up. 


Finally turtlenecks and cowl necklines are making a comeback! These are great for Fall, so we've created the Edie: a long 100% cotton knit dress that has a neckline that's right in between a cowl and a turtleneck. It's not too bib-like and not too tight around the neck; it's just right. This dress features long sleeves and a mid-calf hemline, with a subtle yet sexy slit down the center back bottom, creating a very flattering silhouette overall. Available in black or gray, this piece makes a great day-to-night outfit. 


Please welcome Winsome's first official pair of pants! The Allen pant is made from 100% cotton raw denim in a dark indigo wash. The color and hidden side zipper give these pants a chic and simplistic appearance. We love that these jeans have hidden inset pockets for the purpose of utility, rather than your standard denim patch pockets. The Allen pant also features a frayed raw hem; a trend we're seeing a lot this Fall. They're elegant in wash and style, but the unfinished hems give them a just little extra attitude. 


Black jumpsuits have become an essential in our opinion. So of course we've included one in our Fall collection. The Cassady is a sleeveless jumpsuit made from a silk/elastane blend. It features a standing collar, hidden inset pockets, and a deep slit down the center back. We love how comfortable this piece is for something that's wearable to any occasion. It's a must-have basic for anyone's Fall wardrobe!


One of my favorite details about clothing is texture; fortunately cooler weather calls for fuzzy, furry, and bulkier knit textures! So we've incorporated this detail into one of our favorite Fall pieces: the Lucien. This blush pullover is made from a super fuzzy polyester material that features a turtleneck/cowl neckline similar to that of the Edie and hidden inset pockets. We love how cozy this piece makes you feel and it's texture makes it a great accent piece for Fall looks. 


When it gets chilly out, we really only want to be wearing comfy knits. They're basic, but essential. This is why we've created the Junius for our Fall collection. The Junius is a light heather gray pullover made from 100% cotton French terry. It features a round neckline, an oversized front pocket, and two small slits on the front bottom hem for a little extra detail. This piece is great for day-to-day wear and I'll probably be living in mine all season. 


Everybody loves pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, which is why we've created the Carmen for our Fall collection. This black tunic/dress is made from 100% sandwashed silk and has a rounded hem in the front and back, separated by deep side slits. The slits allow this piece to be styled in so many different ways. Get multiple looks from the Carmen by tying it up in the front, wearing it as a tunic with some jeans underneath, or all the way down as an elegant black dress. You could probably get away with wearing this piece for a week straight!


Along with the Carmen, we also have a black top made from 100% sandwashed silk. The Sloane is a really great basic to have for Fall. It features long sleeves, large frontal patch pockets, and buttons all the way down the center front with a hidden placket. Similar to the Carmen, this piece can be worn in all sorts of different ways. Try it totally open and unbuttoned as a light layer, buttoned halfway and tied at the bottom, or buttoned up all the way as an elegant top. 


Last, but certainly not least, is the Leary: a black jacket/dress made from a cotton/elastane twill blend. One of my favorite parts about this piece is the weight of the fabric. Since it's a little thicker, the Leary makes the perfect jacket for changing seasons, and a great dress for cooler weather. This piece features a slight high low hem with side slits, a collar, button up placket, oversized patch pockets, and frayed edges on both the sleeves and bottom hemline. Wear it as a light piece of outerwear overtop any outfit, or button it up and wear it like a dress with your favorite Fall boots. 

Sandwashed Silk

Silk: What's not to like? I'd love to be dressed in silk at all times. It's comfortable and breathable. It can be worn casually or dressed up. Only problem is the dry cleaning. 

Well here's a solution: sandwashed silk. This is the process of washing a fabric with silicone balls, or treating with a Soda Ash fixer in order to remove any residual stiffness and to reconstitute the hand-feel. This means that the fabric becomes extra soft and less susceptible to shrinkage. It also tends to lessen the sheen of the silk; a subtle difference that I love about sandwashing. And, since it has undergone this process, a sandwashed silk garment can be washed and dried normally with all of your regular clothes, so no need for extra special care. 

Because it has undergone sandwashing, the silk has a beautiful sueded look to it that makes it even more wearable in all occasions. It has a richness about it, so it's easy to dress up, but it's also much less flashy and, therefore, totally wearable for daily tasks.

For these reasons, sandwashed silk is one of my favorite fabrics, which is why I've chosen to feature it in the Winsome Fall collection. 

You can find sandwashed silk in our upcoming style, the Carmen Tunic Dress and the Sloane Top.

The Carmen features long sleeves, a deep V neck, and high side slits with a rounded hemline. It's super soft, lightweight, and best of all, easy to care for. Wear it tied up in the front with denim or left down and flowy on it's own with some fancy kicks for an evening event. 

The Sloane is your staple blouse with a relaxed fit, button front hidden placket, and large pockets. This top is elegantly simple. Similar to the Carmen, this top can be worn tied up in front with a pair of high waisted denim and for an extra Rosie the riveter appeal, roll the sleeves to muscle-t length. Since it is versatile, you can get away with wearing this top for days back-to-back with no one the wiser. 

Follow our snapchat and instagram this week for ways to wear the Carmen and the Sloane. 

So far so good

I'm finding it a little impossible to believe that I host my first, beta, Airstream pop up at Northern Grade NY and then head for home in just-shy-of two weeks. 

Thinking back on it now I imagined this trip the way Cheryl Stayed wrote about imagining her hike on the P.C.T. Lots of time for yoga, reading, writing and working. I promised blog posts, updates and Instagram photos. Only some of which I've been able to deliver in a last minute, low priority type of way. 

The truth is, this trip has been so much fucking work. From truck troubles and unrealistic travel schedules to unreliable trailer hookups and 15 point first time back ups, almost every moment is filled simply trying to fix or figure something out. The first long term spot I got to, finally, just out of NYC, I opened the Airstream door to find out my one-and-only storage closet fell off the wall in transit. I often sponge bath at night to avoid walking to the communal showers.

But, I wouldn't give up any of it. I can't believe how lucky I am. 

Two of my dearest friends were crazy and sweet enough to take the drive out to NY with me. My dog came too, but she didn't have a choice.

photo by Eric Schleicher

photo by Eric Schleicher

Over the course of 4 days we drove across the Canadian boarder at Sault Saint Marie, spent a night with about 30 other RVs in a Wal-Mart parking lot, got stranded in a rainstorm waiting for the truck's starter to be replaced, spent $310 on diesel gas and had a couple glorious days in Montreal. 

Photo by Eric Schleicher

Photo by Eric Schleicher

Photo by Eric Schleicher

Photo by Eric Schleicher

I've been staying outside New York for about one week now and it has been a blur. Finding time to accomplish all of the things I want to is a challenge even when there is no one around but me and pup. Regardless, some pretty sweet things are coming together and I can't wait for the open trailer studio on August 27th. 


Demolition of the Airstream Part III

The demolition phase is finally over. And this is very much how I feel about it....

The Airstream was never supposed to be torn down this far. In my perfect, naive world, I would have removed the furniture, appliances, walls and tiles to reveal an immaculate plywood sub-floor under my feet. But from the moment Lindsay and I started dismantling the back bedroom, it was clear the subfloor was nowhere near perfect.

First it looked like a bit of floor rot in the back. No big deal. A quick patch job. Annoying, but this could be knocked out in an afternoon. Pete, Bobby and I started pulling up the back half of the floor. 

6 hours of intense labor yielded about 5 square feet of nasty, dusty, stupid floor.

Getting this out was not as simple as just making a few cuts and easily pulling the pieces out. Each slab of 3/4" plywood was attached to the frame with 2 kinds of screws (Most of which were stripped or rusted, not in ANY sort of a consistent pattern and were hidden under a layer of tile and glue causing us to dig for them using the crowbar like a hatchet), stapled together (again, no rhyme or reason to the placement), and wedged under the "C channel" (I now know what this is) around the perimeter of the trailer. It became increasingly clear why I saw several "As-is" Airstreams on the market with the interiors gutted and the subfloor in shambles. It became clear because fuck this. 

But Day 2 would be easier. Day 2 I would be able to remove the rest of the pieces I wanted to. Day 2 I had Ryan the CARPENTER and Jeremiah the BADASS.

Day 2 I learned that the rear joist was rusted away and would need to be replaced.

But, this fear of the new welding job was completely overwhelmed by the fear of the mouse tombs we were slowly uncovering in the insulation.  Every section of subfloor we peeled up revealed shredded insulation, mouse mummies and more rusted joists. This is where I made the tough decision to take up the entire floor, remove all of the insulation and build back up from the true shell of the trailer. 


The next couple of weeks were intense. Every spare few hours I had were spent pulling out floor tiny piece by tiny piece. Every piece was a puzzle. Hidden screws, random glue and the simple element of the weight of the shell on the frame made the process a nightmare. My body ached. Some days I wouldn't succeed at removing any floor. I searched #airstreamrenovation on Instagram and contacted strangers who appeared to be replacing subfloors for pointers. I cried and swore and bled and bled.

Then, one final day, with the fresh eyes and smart brains of Keeley, car jacks provided by Mark and one idiot (me) losing balance and falling through the belly pan, we got the last damn piece of floor out.

Everything suddenly felt possible again. That last bit of wood marked the peak (or the valley depending on perspective) of this project. The Mobile Studio is officially gutted.

As quickly as the rusted frame issue had come up, it was solved by one of the many talented, helpful people in this sweet city.  In the couple of weeks following the floor removal, Max was able to weld a few new joists and patches to replace the areas rusted away on the frame. Killer.

And here were are. 100% gutted, 50% of the way through the project and 2 months until the Launch of the trailer. Like any project I've ever participated in, I am behind schedule but extremely giddy and hopeful. 

This weekend the new subfloor goes in. I'm still accepting volunteers. 

The Shoot Part II

For the past few months I have been working hard co-planning the second edition of the event The Shoot.

The event is exactly what is sounds like. It's a photoshoot with a hand-full of Twin Cities based designers and creatives. But, instead of having this shoot in private, we open the doors to anyone that wants to come, hang out, and participate in the day.

The Shoot Part I, September 2016, Public Funcitonary

The Shoot Part I, September 2016, Public Funcitonary

Because, why the hell not? The idea was born one energetic afternoon with Workerby while expressing the desire to offer a little realism and to simplify the process. An incredible amount of time and energy goes into a photoshoot. Sets are created, outfits are styled and lighting is meticulously positioned. The spaces we work in are typically beautiful, the crew is talented and creative, and the product is looking it's best. Having any kind of a runway show after having a photoshoot feels almost glutenous.

Not only is the event, itself, a fun experience but, the entire process leading up to the event has been extremely valuable. Without a project like The Shoot, working primarily on my own brand, Winsome, can sometimes feel like I'm working with blinders. It is difficult to see beyond my own inspiration, design and brand. The Shoot is unique in that the entire crew works together, meeting several times before the event to develop the concept and plan the day. It's a rare opportunity to create work with other people, bursting that inexplicable personal creative bubble. 

Left: Shelter Studios, Right: Creative meeting for The Shoot II

Left: Shelter Studios, Right: Creative meeting for The Shoot II

Designers include, House of Gina Marie (clothing), ACG MPLS (clothing), Ruby3 (hats), Neal JewelryCrystal Quinn (shoes and handbags), and of course Winsome Goods.

Photography will be shot by Lauren Krysti, Art Direction by Judith Marilyn, Styling by Connie Mrotek, videography by Kylee and Christian Creative, and keeping all these people in-line is our event manager Casey Noelle Bahl. 

For the second time, each designer will have goods available in The Shop, a small retail space at the event. I love having this available as a way to directly connect with the product seen on set. See a piece get photographed and immediately walk over to try it on. All of our designers are small, independent brands that are not otherwise readily available in other locations. Your ticket purchase gets you $5 off anything in The Shop.

The Coffee Cart Minneapolis is also returning, serving complimentary espresso drinks all day. If you drink coffee anything like the people in my life, your ticket pays for itself. There will also be a couple local food trucks serving food and juice so come hungry. 

The Seasons event will be held at Shelter Studios 721 Harding St. NE Minneapolis, April 16th from 11am-4pm

Tickets are $20 in advance and $22 at the door. Get them HERE

Find more Fashion Week MN events HERE

Time To Take A Look Inside

WHEN: Saturday, March 12th from 11am until 3pm

WHERE: 1620 Central Ave. NE Minnepolis, Suite #154

WHAT: Come do some shopping and take a look inside the Winsome Studio

It's time to have people over for an afternoon play date. We will be serving coffee and small snacks while you shop our current spring 2016 styles. In addition, we will have a few items from our upcoming launch to peruse as well as the remaining clearance from past seasons. Come see where each and every one of our garments is made.


Parking is located off 18th Ave, next to the train tracks. Enter through the dock door near Cargo Studios. We will have a bit of signage to guide you from there. 

Hope to see you soon.



Spring + Summer 2016 Lookbook

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in the studio with Lauren Krysti (photography), Fatima Olive (hair + makeup), Tori Lillie (model), Ramon Moreno (photography assist), and Sara Fowler (design + style assist). 

Here are a few photos from the day. 

Mihn Sheer Letter Maxi  •  Limited Edition  •  May 10

Mihn Sheer Letter Maxi  •  Limited Edition  •  May 10

This season, Winsome is releasing two types of collections.

One is the Limited Edition collection that has been the basis of Winsome. These are limited run garments (typically 10-20) that will never be reproduced.

The other is our brand new Essentials Collection. The Essentials are styles that are either based off of our best sellers from previous seasons, or are new designs of easy to wear, everyday basics. 

Tirmo Denim Top  •  Limited Edition  •  February 16

Tirmo Denim Top  •  Limited Edition  •  February 16

Malmo Open vest  •  Limited Edition  •  March 29

Malmo Open vest  •  Limited Edition  •  March 29

There will be three release dates throughout the season: February 16, March 29 and May 10

Arklow Tunic  •  Limited Edition  •  February 16

Arklow Tunic  •  Limited Edition  •  February 16

Soma Tank Dress  •  Essential  •  March 29

Soma Tank Dress  •  Essential  •  March 29

Aomori Knit Maxi  •  Essential  •  March 29

Aomori Knit Maxi  •  Essential  •  March 29

Valencia Wrap Dress  •  Essential  •  March 29

Valencia Wrap Dress  •  Essential  •  March 29

Samut Hooded Tunic  •  Essential  •  February 16

Samut Hooded Tunic  •  Essential  •  February 16

Demolition of the Airstream Part II

Back at it for the second weekend in a row. This time I brought more friends.. and the champagne of beers.

In lieu of providing a play-by-play on the hundreds of rivets we tore out of the walls, all of the drill bits we broke in the process, the 20+ feet of vinyl I have no idea what to do with, and the countless things we had to literally hacksaw out of the trailer, here are a few more photos of the progress as well as a time-lapse video of the day.

Thank you Laura, Amy, Eric, Sara and Pete. You are all my sun, my moon and my starlight sky.

Next up... floors. And some serious professionals. 

Demolition of the Airstream Part I

It has been exactly one month since the Mobile Studio Kickstarter wrapped up and the project was successfully funded. A lot has been happening since then to prep this Northern Zephyr.

Actually, a lot has happened since jumping on a craigslist ad last August and excitedly rolling the 31' Airstream Sovereign into the backyard of my Northeast home (Thank you Mark). Newly without a savings account, a few planks of a fence fewer and with a better sense of purpose than I have felt in a long time, I couldn't take my eyes off the Sovereign. I'd check on it before going to work in the morning, I asked friends to come have drinks on the dusty old cushions (invites that a few incredibly gracious people took me up on), and I spent hours looking it over, taking photos and planning what would soon feel like totally insanity.  

The rennovation would cost at total sum of what felt like my entire life. And I'm not someone who can easily put a project on hold, whatever the reason. The Airstream was in my backyard, therefore it needed to be dismantled. If A then B.

First, were a few tiles Lindsay and I peeled up with our bare hands spontaneously and sporadically over a few glasses of box wine. In the morning rationale set in and the understanding that the furnature, cabinetry, appliaces, walls and pretty much everything in the f*cking trailer was ON TOP of the tiles, I resolved to remove all of the items in the reverse order that they most likely went it. 


And this is where we pause, for a few months...

because... Kickstarter.

If you've never created a Kickstarter and are thinking about it please ask yourself these very serious questions:

1. Is there absolutely no other way to possibly obtain this money?

2. Am I able to make like a politician and incorporate everything about my Kickstarter campaign into my daily life? 

3. Am I willing to devote all of my social media accounts to the single purpose of raising money?

Kickstarter took months to pull together and complete. Erik Nelson created our spot-on video, the content was written, rewards were created and photographed and the campaign was launched. For the 30 days our Kickstarter ran, almost every hour spent outside the studio was dedicated to promotion. I still do not know how to express the gratitude for everyone that helped, contributed to and shared the project. I feel very lucky that it was successful.

And this is where we pick back up with the demolition.

It is a lot colder in January and I have been limited to working days with a temperature above 25 degrees. Forget the casual tile peeling with a glass of wine. Every minute spent out in the trailer requires continuous motion to keep the limbs warm. With the help of two amazing people, Lindsay and Pete, we managed to clear the rest of the interior in two good weekends. 

Everything came out. A few things I've kept around to use as a template for new pieces. The pile of garbage in my yard can compete Banksy's Dismaland

This process was Disgusting. The bandaids, used slippers, and pounds of mouse droppings are just a few examples of terrible items we've come across.

This last photo is the interior of the Northern Zephyr as it looks today. I've enlisted the help of about 10 friends to finish the job next weekend by removing walls, tiles and insulation. Hopefully I'll get the stop motion working. 

The Winsome Mobile Studio Kickstarter

In the world of boutique fashion and brands, we often feel like there's a big gap between a given company and a customer. Winsome wants to create more intimate relationships with our fans and customers, in addition to partnerships with other designers and boutiques that will lead to unexpected and excellent things. The Winsome Mobile Studio will represent ultimate transparency into our clothing design and production practices. It will bring the process of designing small, limited run collections to many cities and towns around North America. The idea was born from the desire for more interaction with Winsome customers than can be had online, and from a yearning for the kind of inspiration that can only come from travel.

Find the campaign HERE

The Airstream itself will consist of a minimal clothing design studio (2 sewing machines, a cutting table, clothing rack, pressing table and storage), as well as a small living space for the designer while on the road (a bed, kitchenette, wet-bath and storage).

While in a location, an assemblage of garments will be designed and produced in the same limited-run that we use in our Minneapolis studio. Materials for the styles will be purchased in or around that location as often as possible, and all production will happen on site. Winsome will then partner with local boutiques and bloggers to host pop-up shops where people can check out the locally made collection, tour the mobile studio, and hang out with yours truly.

This Kickstarter campaign's purposed is to fund the renovation of the Airstream trailer, and to get it road ready as the Winsome Mobile Studio. The trailer is a 31-foot Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht. It has not been updated since it was built in 1975, and will need a lot of work in order to become the Winsome Studio. The trailer will but gutted down to the frame. New insulation will be installed, electrical systems will be replaced and updated, and plumbing will be relocated. From there, new interior walls and laminate floors will be put in, a small wet-bath will be built, a kitchenette will be purchased and added, and room dividers and custom furniture will go in. Finally, the studio's "soul" will be added when we install our industrial sewing machines, tables, storage and notions.

Spring 2015 Look Book

Astoria Pullover

Astoria Pullover

Our 2015 Spring collection came together as a bit of a happy accident. While we typically release product a few items at a time, there are occasions that, well, when it rains it pours. Each idea for a style complimented those already executed. It seemed that with every new addition, the rest had not been complete without it. 

Calderon Top

Calderon Top

Ari Vinyl Tank

Ari Vinyl Tank

Our shoot happened in a very similar, spur of the moment, meant to be, way. With the help of a dear friend and talented stylist, Madelynn Furlong of Wide Eyed Legless, we dreamt up and completed our stark, modernist shoot within 24 hours. 

Astoria Pullover

Astoria Pullover

Astoria Pullover

Astoria Pullover

We worked in Madelynn's stylish, sunny studio space in St. Paul, MN. We used a minimal amount of props and kept the shoot quick, happy and relaxed. 

375th Street Y Onesie

375th Street Y Onesie

Including a random run to CVS for the "we've GOT TO have it" orange lipstick, we had wrapped up the shoot by 2pm in the afternoon.

Etheline Top

Etheline Top

Orson Vinyl Tank

Orson Vinyl Tank

Orson Vinyl Tank

Orson Vinyl Tank

30th Avenue Shift

30th Avenue Shift

30th Avenue Shift and The Vinyl Tote

30th Avenue Shift and The Vinyl Tote

Extra Credit: What is the Inspiration of the naming convention we used on this line.

Hint: It is not, simply, New York.

Fall 2014 Lookbook "Sere" official release

WINSOME presents "Sere", the Fall 2014 lookbook film.

Written and Directed by: Stephanie Johnson

Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher

Editor: Joseph McMahon

Model: Doone Stutchbury Anderson 

Hair: Kathryn Sieve

Makeup and Accessories: Madelynn Furlong

Music: Trentemoller - Tide (Modeselektor's Last Remix Ever)