Ruby 3


Anna Lee is a Saint Paul-based milliner and designer with a heart for community and a mind for industry development for independent fashion and the arts. Her hat making career started over 15 years ago when a dress she designed needed something extra. She founded Ruby3 in 2000 and proceeded to take on every creative project she could, including founding the rock-n-roll fashion show and design incubator Voltage: Fashion Amplified in 2004, and the fashion organization MNfashion in 2006.

Emily Mohrbacher


Emily Mohrbacher grew up in rural Minnesota and was taught to cook, bake and love food from a young age. It is here where her fascination with the kitchen and its objects began, growing into an understanding that the home and kitchen exist as cultural spaces. Much of her functional pottery incorporates intricate sgraffito drawings. these images directly relate to her fascination with gender roles and their construction, domestication and reproduction, feminism, addiction and the unique experience of growing up within the midwestern, blue-collar landscape. Emily is also passionate about drumming and singing in her band val son, reading about native american + latin american cultures and histories, speaking Spanish, being out in nature, and cooking for her nearest and dearest in her apartment in South Minneapolis.  

Third Daughter, Restless Daughter

Cross Stitch

For Youa Vang, Third Daughter, Restless Daughter began not as a definitive response to create, but as a response to mimic her grandmother's traditional Hmong embroidery. As a child, she learned using "paint-by-numbers" charts like many others, but without the drive and hard work that you find as an adult -- which allows you to push through tedious tasks -- since it didn't yield instant results, she pushed the hobby aside to focus on growing up.

In the winter of 2013/2014, in an effort to find a cheap alternative to buying holiday gifts for friends, Vang picked up the needle and thread again and found through muscle memory and humor a new way to channel her work.

With the help of her second oldest sister, Wone Vang, the two come up with pieces that they like -- whether it brings financial gain or not -- as long as they connect to the pieces, it's all worth it. The most important constant in what Wone and Youa do: the hard work and integrity that they put into every job and project they do. Talent will only get you so far; it's the dedication and passion that you put into each job that stands out.



Originally hailing from the scenic hills of Ithaca, Rebecca Mapes has undoubtedly settled in as a true-blue Brooklyn resident. After graduating from Pratt, she joined the ranks of the local retail darlings at In God We Trust. With experiences from these two Brooklyn institutions under her belt, Rebecca set out on her own to explore where her aesthetics and whims would lead.

Taking its name from Rebecca's grandparents' farm across the street from her childhood home, and drawing inspiration from an ever-evolving roster and from her unwavering love for antique and vintage jewelry, Winden Jewelry is equal parts nostalgic and modern, cheeky yet refined. Rebecca's effortless aesthetic and subtle whimsy are in full swing, resulting in a wide array of pieces that exude a universal and laid-back cool.   

The Winden studio is located in a quiet corner of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg that the designer now calls home. All pieces are designed, sourced, and made in New York