Winsome Goods (est. 2014) is a design house and production studio based in Northeast Minneapolis. Our line of clothing is designed, sampled and produced under one roof by a small team of people with a commitment to sustainable and ethical design practices. We create unique garments that do not adhere closely to a specific trend, fad, or seasonality, and that fit a range of body shapes and personal styles. By producing everything in our studio, we minimize material and resource waste. The fabrics we use to make Winsome products are selected based on sustainability and ease of care, so you’ll rarely have to worry about dry-cleaning. All of our materials are natural (including silk, wool, and linen) or synthetics that are sourced from recycled or dead-stock fabric. We are proud to be part of the movement towards functional, versatile and sustainable design and we do it all by providing the people most intimately connected with the production of the garment - the producers - with well-paid wages and a beautiful studio to work in. These days, we offer three unique collections at Winsome Goods. Read on to discover our Modern, Vintage and Zero collections, as well as educational opportunities with Winsome Workshops.


The Modern Collection is home to all the garments that our team designs and produces in our Minneapolis studio. Every year, our Modern collections have a Fall/Winter release and a Spring/Summer release. What makes Winsome Modern so special is our commitment to making these bi-annual releases sustainable and thoughtful; we design and produce in small quantities to help minimize overstock and waste. Moreover, despite seasonal releases, our Modern pieces are made to be worn and look good all year round. Many of our best-selling pieces - like the Marcell top and the Colline dress - are carried throughout different collections in new colors and updated styles. Shop the Modern Collection here.


The Vintage Collection is curated in partnership with our friends at Kollektiv Vintage and is available to shop in store and online. Vintage pieces are selected based on their quality, with a special attention to peculiar pieces and pieces that appear to be individually made (i.e. not mass produced). Each piece, be it a special designer item or a great pair of vintage jeans, fits in with our Modern collections so that you can easily wear them together. Our Vintage collection is an important pillar in our commitment to sustainability - by making use of pre-existing resources, we are able to conserve on using non-renewable resources. We encourage smart shopping here at Winsome (thrifting, consigning, hunting for vintage) and we are here to help you practice it!


The Zero Collection is our newest addition to Winsome. Launched in June of 2019, Winsome Zero marks a huge step in working towards a zero-waste future. Zero products are made entirely of repurposed fabric and what would-have-been textile waste. We launched with area rugs and welcome mats made from 1.5 years of saved fabric waste, as well as bandanas/scarves made from overstock fabric. Trust us, there is much more coming.


Winsome Workshops offer courses (introductory to advanced) that cover the many aspects of design - including skill development, the creative process, and business ownership. Our workshops came from our founder Kathryn Sterner’s desire to educate others and give them the tools to create whatever their hearts desired. Sign up for a workshop here. We provide all the materials, so just bring a good attitude.